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Personal Jewelry Stylist

What is a personal jewelry designer? 

 A personal jewelry designer is someone who listens to your desires to match your styles, tastes, and preferences to the piece of jewelry that you need. Through listening closely to customers, a personal jewelry designer is able to pinpoint the desires of their customers and help them find exactly what matches their needs best. With the ability to think outside of the box but read in between the lines, personal jewelry designers help you to explore various cuts, stones, and styles to find the perfect match for you. Designers are here to turn your dreams to reality and gives you the most luxurious jewelry buying experience you could ever hope for! 

Personal Jewelry Stylist

 Why do you need a Personal jewelry Designer? 

Jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes and as jewelry designers, we realize not everything will look the same on one person as it does another. Reading in between the lines to pick out the details is an important part of this job. Having a personal jewelry designer allows you to be introduced to someone who genuinely understands the art of jewelry and who understands you. As your designer, we will help you cultivate your unique styles and preferences into carefully paired jewelry collections and custom jewelry pieces. We want you to always feel your best and are here to ensure you are confident in anything you wear to any event. 

Personal Jewelry Stylist

 What makes Jolivers different? 

At J Olivers we are dedicated to serving you. Listening to you is what we do best and we are grateful for the opportunity to match you with jewelry collections that captivate your own unique styles and preferences. Through our many experiences working with our beloved customers, we have fallen in love with the stories of affection brought into our store. Whether you’re building your engagement ring together with us or searching for an edgy out of the box design we are here to find the perfect match for you and your personality. We understand the immense intimacy that is backed behind a jewelry piece and have dedicated ourselves to our profession in being your own personal jewelry designer, so no matter if you’re looking at one of our J Olivers collections pieces or creating a custom design with us, we are here to be the designer you’ve been searching for. 

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