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As jewelry designers, J Olivers is committed to guiding clients through each step of our process. We strive to create a window into the world of jewelry and design to you can be more enlightened in choosing that signature piece for yourself or a loved one.

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Questions about JOliver's »

How many years of experience does J Olivers Possess?

Prior to Mr. Benton’s retail location, he spent over 15 years as a wholesale jewelry salesman traveling thousands of miles per year cementing professional relationships with jewelry store owners throughout the South. During his 30 year career in fine jewelry, Mr. Benton has earned a stellar reputation in the community. He is proud to be the personal jeweler to dozens of clients who appreciate his commitment to finding extremely rare…

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Questions about jewelry care »

What are safe jewelry cleaning methods?

    • If you are cleaning jewelry over a sink be sure to plug the drain as to not lose your jewelry
    • It is best to have a jeweler clean jewelry as they will also inspect that all prongs, clasps, etc are in place
    • Avoid things such as toothpaste, vinegar, aluminum, etc as it is abrasive and can damage the jewelry especially if it is silver and not completely sterling silver.
    • Use warm (not hot) soapy water and a new, baby-sized, soft-bristled toothbrush…
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Questions about custom jewelry »

How long does it take to make custom jewelry?

The custom jewelry process can vary depending on each client’s needs. Some pieces can be created in a short amount of time while others, such as our intrigue pieces, can take longer. The best way to know how long it will take for your custom jewelry to be completed is to speak with Tim. He can take your needs into consideration and help you decide what type of custom piece will work best and how much time it will take to create your…

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Questions about finance »

 Appraisal info 

Free appraisal with all major purchases.

Appraisal services offered for all jewelry. 

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Questions About Diamond & Gem »

What makes a good diamond?

Regardless of the Four C’s, you want a diamond that reflects as much light as possible. Most people prefer the light reflecting properties of a diamond and the icy white-blue color of one that is of good quality and has few inclusions. The cut is at the root of the brilliance of a diamond. It is the most important characteristic in the Four C’s. No matter how highly rated the diamond may be graded in color, clarity, and carat, if the diamond is poorly…

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