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Custom Jewelry

When shopping for custom jewelry at J Olivers, we want to ensure that we are helping our customers create the jewelry of their dreams! As we listen closely we will help brainstorm unique ideas to create a one-of-a-kind design that is matched perfectly to their styles, preferences, and desires. During this process we explore cuts, stones, and styles to build a model that our customers feel confident in. Through the testimonies, these experiences have brought us we understand that custom jewelry often signifies a legacy in which it is created. And have fallen in love with the stories we have had the opportunity to be apart of. J Olivers is here to be your partner in jewelry creation and life and hope to help you create a piece of jewelry you will love for years and years to come.

Custom Jewelry Process
Custom Jewelry Process
Custom Jewelry Process

How Its Made

At J Olivers we work with you every step of the way through our custom jewelry design process. Our stylists are trained to listen to your exact desires to help you create the jewelry piece of a lifetime. Though the thought of creating a custom jewelry piece may be a bit daunting at times, we are here to make you feel comfortable and confident every step of the way.

Step 1: Consultation

As we begin our custom jewelry process we make it a priority to find your exact desires through an initial consultation. During this consultation, we will listen to you as you tell us your story. We understand each custom jewelry piece often comes with a unique background story behind it, we try our hardest to bring these stories into the design for you. Not sure of what you're looking for? No need to fret, we are here as personal jewelry stylists to help create a piece that will not only wow you but also match your own unique personal style. Together, we will explore various styles, gems, and sizes that best fit your desired outcome. Every detail you are able to give us will be considered as we work with you in this process as we make you our partner in design.

cad design

Step 2: Virtual Design

After speaking with you in-depth and finding the parts of a custom piece that you desire, we bring our ideas to our virtual CAD software where we are then able to bring your jewelry to life. This software allows us to create a perfectly symmetrical design with as much or as little detailing as you desire. It is with extreme precision that we are able to create these designs. After creating a model within the virtual software we are able to share these images with you to ensure that it is everything you are looking for within the design. We are easily able to go in and change anything you desire through this software and are committed to ensuring that we create exactly what you had in mind.


Step 3: Fabrication

Once you have approved the design and are positive we have created what you are looking for, we create a wax mold from the 3D drawing that was created. This mold serves as a cast for us to pour your desired metal into to create the form of your jewelry. Once the jewelry cools it will be put through extensive testing to make sure that its size, quality, and color exceeds expectations. When assured that the jewelry is made to its finest, our jeweler will then hand select the stone of your choice that best compliments the piece. Each stone is meticulously set and then polished to sparkle as it reflects the light. Throughout this process the custom piece is handled with extreme delicacy to ensure that it is crafted to perfection. Upon the completion of the jewelry it is inspected to insure that it is at its highest quality and ready to present to the customer.

Custom Jewelry Process

Step 4: Finish

Once we have completed your custom piece it is time for you to take it home! This is our favorite part of the process as we get to help see our customers dreams come to life right before their eyes. Show off your one of a kind jewelry in confidence and cherish your J Oliver's experience for many years to come.

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